Head shot of Cory Mosley

Cory Mosley "CMo"

Founder and CEO

SPORTS: Baseball, Basketball, Football

BIO: The Owner, Founder, and CEO of Mo Sports. The Light Skinned King himself! Content Creator, Host of Mo Sports TV and Just Chattin podcasts. Toms River NJ native.

Head shot of Edward Baum

Ed Baum "Big Ed"

Chief Production Officer

SPORTS: Basketball, Football, MMA

BIO: It’s the One and only Big Ed from mo sports … it’s either you love me or hate me … I’m the fun guy on the team … You troll me … I Troll you back … Looking Forward to Help you fine folks anyway I can … GOOOOOO KNICKS GOOOO 49ERS


Head shots of Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly "MMA Degenerate"

Senior Writer and

SPORTS: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, MMA

BIO: I'm a hardcore sports fan, especially all things MMA. I've been gambling on sports, mainly fights for nearly 20 years. I've really gotten into the DFS side of sports in the last few years and tied for first in the UFC 251 Milly Maker contest on DraftKings.


Head shot of Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly "GK"


SPORTS: Football

BIO: Publishing editor, writer, sports enthusiast, NJ, MoSports

Head shot of Imaine Crooms

Imaine Cooms


SPORTS: Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Current Events

BIO: Lifelong sports fan, I rep my teams hard while also being very objective and unbiased with my takes. Three sport varsity athlete in high school and a year of D3 football while studying communications/journalism at Kean University.

Tony Zaki


SPORTS: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Socc0er

BIO: Born and raised in New Jersey, Tony has been an avid NY sports fan since childhood. His favorite teams are the New York Giants, Rangers, Knicks, and Yankees. He enjoys the thrill of watching his teams in-person— he has attended the 1999 Yankees World Series and many other Yankee playoff games, the 2000 NY Giants NFC Championship Game, and many Rangers and Knicks regular-season games. In his spare time, his hobbies include cycling, listening to sports podcasts, and volunteering as a marathon run coach for a local endurance sports charity organization.

Chris Marquez

Chris Marquez
"Slinger Mosley"


SPORTS: Baseball, Hockey, Football

BIO: Marine Veteran. Lover of the sport of baseball while bleeding Yankee pinstripes. New York Football Giants are close second in admiration.

Head shot of Mike MacStudy

Mike MacStudy
"The Inked Ump"


SPORTS: Baseball, Football

BIO: Jersey Shore Native. Former DIII Athlete. Aspiring MLB Umpire.


Head shot of Anthony Bryson Jr

Anthony Bryson "Ziggy"

On Air Personality

CULTURE: Hip Hop, Fashion, Comedy, Celebrity Lifestyles

BIO: Anthony “Ziggy” Bryson is a rising star in the Comedy circuit. The Jersey Shore native made his professional comedic debut in October of 2018 and in a short time has had the opportunity to share the stage with stand up icons such as Rich Vos and Talent Harris to name a few. He has also appeared in multiple episodes of the digital comedy show  The Roast Room. Ziggy is now best known for his raunchy, witty, and controversial Roast jokes.


Head shot of Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens "E"

Writer and Handicapper

SPORTS: Baseball, Hockey, Football

BIO: I am the lead NHL analyst, handicapper, and writer for Mo Sports Network. I also cover the NFL, MLB, amd College Football.

Head shot of Jacob Sims

Jacob Sims


SPORTS: Basketball, Football

BIO: Sports fiend from Michigan, heavily involved in NBA and NFL.


Head shot of Dimetrius Bryson

Dimetrius Bryson

Apparel & Graphic Design

SPORTS: Basketball

BIO:Designer and Photographer

Head shot of Leonard (Trevon) Copes

Leonard Copes

Social Media Manager

SPORTS: Baseball, Basketball, Football

BIO: Fun guy, and a sports enthusiast.