MLB’s Playoff Picture & World Series Prediction

Atlanta Braves

This year’s playoffs are stacked with some dominant rosters and teams that make this year’s postseason truly entertaining to watch. The Dodgers and Giants have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the National league while the American league is up for grabs. The Houston Astros have the best offensive team in the postseason but their downfall comes with […]

The Terror Of The Yankees Lineup and The Torture Of Yankee Pitching: What It Means For Their Opponent In The Wild Card And ALDS

Corey Kluber

As sports fans in general, but particularly the game of baseball, well because this is a baseball article, we know and love the feeling of October baseball. The postseason for Major League Baseball injects the most electric crowd noises, the most anxious of atmospheres, the most disappointing defeats, and the most glorious feelings of triumph. The New York Yankees are […]

A Cole Day In Toronto

Gerrit Cole

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Through the first four innings of the second of three games in Toronto, Cole’s fastball looked as big as a volleyball. Bluejay hitters owned the heater, in some instances, it looked as if they were swinging off a tee. The fastball was left on the heart of […]

The Twin Towers of Power and The Rest Of The Evil Empire Suck The Air From Fenway

Yankees vs Red Sox

On Friday night in Boston, Massachusetts around 7 pm there existed a loud buzz over Fenway Park. It was shaping up to be another indication of some of the best baseball you can receive from an ancient rivalry. The Yankees come in having won three in a row while the Red Sox had amassed seven in a row themselves. Boston […]

The Twin Towers of Power

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton

The conversation of consistency can truly be attributed to the contributions of Aaron Judge all season long. Honestly, he’s been the only constant positive in a heart rate pulse picture of a season. Judge is having arguably one of his best seasons since his 2017 season. Even while suffering a few injury setbacks over the last few years, he’s been […]

Yankee Fan Base Confidence

Yankee Fans

What’s the reading of Confidence in the Yankees playoff chances from the fan base?  Is it frustrated optimism due to inconsistency or do fans truly believe in this team?  To say this season has been a roller coaster ride would be a drastic understatement. Roller coaster like aspects of a long season is to be expected but this […]

New York Yankees Playoff Hopes Begin to Disappear

Gleyber Torres New York Yankees

For the first time since 2016, it’s looking more and more like the New York Yankees may miss out on the MLB playoffs.  The Yankees in this 2021 season have seen highs where they won 13 games in a row, but they also have seen lows where they lost 7 games in a row, 5 […]

The Rising Sun, The Story of Shohei Ohtani

Angel's Shohei Ohtani swinging during an at bat

     The Stardom of Shohei Ohtani started long before he ever stepped foot on US soil.  As a high school player, it’s not uncommon to have athletes play multiple positions, but as they rise through the ranks, they’re generally encouraged to pick either to pitch or to play the field.  As we know, Shohei […]