The conversation of consistency can truly be attributed to the contributions of Aaron Judge all season long. Honestly, he’s been the only constant positive in a heart rate pulse picture of a season. Judge is having arguably one of his best seasons since his 2017 season. Even while suffering a few injury setbacks over the last few years, he’s been the epitome of consistency for this team. Aaron Judge has made his case to the baseball world that he is one of the top dominant players in the league today and has helped the Yankees push through some nail biting, anxiously close games through out the year.  

Giancarlo Stanton is a different animal but throughout this year, a similar story. It seems that this season, Stanton has been the most comfortable in the box since joining the Yankees. His presence in that lineup behind Judge has thrusted hesitation and care in pitchers who face this lineup. In the last month, the Twin Towers of Power has smashed their way through opposing pitching and really set a motivating tone of hope in this final push for October baseball. The tale of the tape between the two is astoundingly similar, almost identical in production. Since August 3rd, Stanton has been hitting .302 with 15 home runs and .952 OPS while Judge walks shoulder to shoulder offensively hitting .301 also with 15 home runs and whopping .962 OPS.  

The Twin Towers of Power, a suitable name that I’m determined to get momentum with  for as long as they are back to back in the same lineup, will be the most dominant 1-2 punch for pitchers when healthy. Stanton started his Yankee career down a dark road with the Yankee fan base, with his awkwardness at the plate and the plethora of strikeouts, especially in big situations. But one thing fans forget is he is a former MVP and has loads of talent. It seems his path of success began when Boone began playing him in the outfield and he gained confidence as an every day player, not just a designated hitter.  

With the wild card approaching and potentially a shot at playing in   the ALCS in sight, the Twin Towers of Power who is Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, are going to be some of the main ingredients to this teams push successfully against some purely dominant teams like the Redsox, Rays, and Bluejays. Voice your thoughts, disagreements, reasons. Is this combo of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton one of the leagues most power forces to be reckoned with for opposing pitching? Do you think one, if not both can keep the consistency through the final stretch of the season and into the postseason?