What’s the reading of Confidence in the Yankees playoff chances from the fan base? 

Is it frustrated optimism due to inconsistency or do fans truly believe in this team? 

To say this season has been a roller coaster ride would be a drastic understatement. Roller coaster like aspects of a long season is to be expected but this year has a different feeling. Watching this team has felt like the fans have been trying to navigate treacherous seas in the center of a typhoon alone in the pacific. The inconsistent pitching and hitting all year are like consistent swells of wave after wave smacking into you, preventing you from feeling an ounce of safety.

That being said, the big question is, how confident are Yankees fans in this team heading into the final 8 games of this season? All against division rivals and all who have show some sort of consistency through out the seasons in some capacity. Is the confidence frustrated optimism with just some inkling of hope they can at least push through the wild card game? Aside from bleeding pinstripe fans, is there any sort of set in stone confidence that this team can get through the post season with some tenacious and determined fight?

The saying goes, “defense wins championships”, but I don’t believe that holds as much weight in October baseball as it does in other sports such as football or basketball. For Major League Baseball, it’s dominant pitching through the rotation and from the bullpen, and it’s who can play better small ball. The Yankees have seemed to find some luck implementing some basic fundamentals of baseball to go along with the tremendous power they hold in the every day lineup card. But, the biggest issue for the Yankees this season has been playing consistent, smart, baseball.

These last eight games will absolutely be as a big of a roller coaster ride than it has been watching the 154 games prior. These games all hold massive weight with dire consequences if consistent baseball, especially small ball is not played this level.

I truly believe, the Yankees are the best team in baseball on paper, and they have shown some life this month and a half of baseball. I’m confident the Yankees can make it all the way to the World Series, I believe they show up here at the end and become an underestimated underdog going into October. Of course many have already called me crazy, delusional, and some other fun adjectives. If there is one thing I’ve learned watching Yankees for 20 years, especially every single one of their postseasons (aside from 1 or 2 seasons), is you never write them off. What’s the consensus my fellow Yankee fans and baseball fans in general? What are your thoughts on this team going into October? Can they pull off an epic run capping it off with a big wild card win or will the Yankee haters be proven right of having no chance with so many other dominant teams? Let me hear your thoughts, gripes, consternation, optimistic ideas or tell me I’m absolutely delusional. No holds barred, let’s get vocal!