Knicks Officially Have A New Starting Point Guard. The ‘Big Money AB’ Era Begins!

Coming in at 6’6, 214 lbs, the 30 year old combo guard Alec Burks has earned himself a new role in the mecca.  Burks has been waiting for this type of opportunity for a while now, as he was drafted 12th overall by the Utah Jazz in 2011.  He would spend his first seven seasons with Utah and then go on to be passed around to four other teams until finally landing in New York.  With the combination of injuries, and Kemba Walker struggles, it was announced on Monday that Burks would be the new starting point guard.

Alec got the start on Saturday against the Hawks, as both Rose and Walker were out.  He had a great game as he finished with 23 points, 7 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals.  He had a great 3rd quarter as he dropped 15 points in that period, including 3 from long range.  

This game and this news comes to no surprise to teammate RJ Barret as he had this to say after the win on Saturday. 

“I told you he’s ‘big money AB’.  He’s always calm and collected.  He took over in the third.  He’s really good for us.  He’s big time.”

Up until this point in his career, Burks has been a bench player that has never really contributed significant production.  This season however, it seems as though Burks may be demonstrating the true potential that had seemed to struggle to come out in the beginning of his career.  In the 2021-2022 NBA season so far he is shooting a career high 45% from downtown.  Maximizing his opportunity off of the bench granted him 39 minutes of playing time that would help end the Hawks’ seven game winning streak.  Coach Thibs had this to say after the game.

“What Alec gives us is size and his ability to contain the ball.  Also his playmaking ability, his shooting, when you add all that up it adds a lot.”  

The Knicks will hope to build off of this and gain some momentum and consistency as they will visit the juggernaut that is the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night, where their new starting point guard will have a chance to put another good performance on display in prime time.  


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