Knicks Will Need to Continue Development ‘Quickley’

If the Knicks wish to build upon their 2020 NBA Playoff appearance then they will have to continue their growth and development. This goes for both their young players and their team chemistry. On Monday, November 15th at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks defeated the Pacers by a score of 92-84 to improve to a record of 8-6. Coach Tom Thibodeau was asked if anything stood out in the victory and he said that the two main things were sharing the ball and defense. The Knicks assisted on 22 of 37 made field goals, and they held the Pacers to 10 points in the 4th quarter.

Over the course of the past few seasons the young guys and all of the Knicks as a whole, have indeed been improving. Immanuel Quickley, age 22, was a first round pick in 2020 and against the Pacers he had 16 points, 5 boards, an assist and finished with a +20 +/-. Coach Thibs was asked about his young guard at the press conference on Tuesday and had this to say,

“He reads things well, he’ll fly around. His team defense has been very good. He studies, he prepares himself well. Knowledge of the league now has vastly improved from what it was last year just having gone through the games and just the way he approaches it. He puts a lot of time into it.”

Quickley’s growth and success comes as no surprise to Coach Thibs as he had taken notice of how special he was in college. He briefly describes his first experience here.

At 22 years of age he and Knicks fans should be feeling good that he is showing growth and has such a great opportunity to learn from both Coach Thibs and vets such as Derek Rose. The Knicks will look to keep the momentum going as they host the 3-11 Magic on Wednesday Night.