The New York Jets are currently on a 3 game losing streak as they took another loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 11 by a score of 24-17.  During the course of this streak, the Jets’ defense has given up 1409 yards, and 114 points.  Awful to say the least.  The good news however, is that since week 8, the Jets have shown success on the other side of the ball.

Over the course of this time, the offensive line has played well, and all of this production has come from a stable of backup quarterbacks.  What is more important is how Elijah Moore has started to display his potential.  He is a 21 year old rookie, selected 34th overall in the 2021 draft.  He was a superstar wide receiver at Ole Miss and was considered a steal in the draft.  In the last 3 games he has totaled 18 catches, 270 yards, and 4 touchdowns.  Most recently against the Dolphins he hauled in 8 passes for 141 yards and a touchdown.  Brain Baldinger breaks down his best game thus far here.

The Jets will visit Houston on Sunday as they will take on the Texans, which have actually had some success with Tyrod Taylor under center.  Unfortunately for the Jets, running back Michael Carter who had also been making good plays in both the pass and the run, suffered an ankle injury and will be out.  The good news is the Jets will be getting their starting quarterback Zach Wilson back from a knee injury.  It would be great to see if Moore can follow up his Week 11 performance where he was the highest graded receiver in the NFL by PFF at 91.9.  

The Jets could play a little defense then maybe there could be as much optimism about their overall future as coach Saleh has about Elijah Moore’s future.

The Texans are currently giving up 403 yards per game so Wilson and Moore will have a good opportunity to show chemistry and development.