Giants Finally Wake Up And Completely Shut Down Carolina

It’s been two years since I stepped inside of MetLife Stadium to catch Giant’s football. Sunday’s forecast really held up with the cloudy skies dissipating right around kick off time. The timing was almost poetic, witnessing a team that I have been watching from the couch all season, come out and completely dominate the football game from start to finish. Coming into Sunday’s contest with the Carolina Panthers, the Giants had really played some horrendous football on both sides. The team is also riddled with injuries that have plagued the season and doomed it from the start it seems. Saquon Barkley was ruled out once again and right before kickoff, the organization came out and ruled him out until week nine. It truly is heart breaking to watch or hear rather. The unbelievable raw talent and danger he brings to the team and for opposing teams is irreplaceable. The combination of Devontae Booker, Elijhaa Penny, and Daniel Jones did what they could to take over the ground game for big blue. Their final stats line combined was 31 touches for 103 yards and one touchdown coming from Devontae Booker with around four minutes left in game. With Saquon down for the majority of the games this season, along with the other problem of the offensive line that look as flimsy as cardboard cutouts, the Giants haven’t really been much of a threat on the ground. They rank 26th in Yds/G, 24th in total yards on the ground, although they are 12th in rushing TD’s. Oh, and Daniel Jones leads the Giants in rushing yards this season with 229, what the hell does that say to you? 

Speaking of Giant performances, it seems as if Daniel Jones has been spear heading this team despite five losses already. If you take away the Rams game where Los Angeles curb stomped the teeth down big blue’s ugly mug, DJ has had a pretty solid year. He’s averaging 281 Yds/G and his turnover numbers are holding steady compared to the last two years. In all honesty, I’m not crediting Daniel Jones with those fumbles when the useless bags of Doritos he calls an offensive line couldn’t block a line of eight-year-old pee-wee football players. There is one big takeaway I have with DJ this year, he looks truly comfortable slowing the game down, keeping calm under pressure (which is constant) and patiently waiting for an open receiver or tucking and running. He looks good this year period. Maybe at some point, the train wrecks in suits in the front office will get their heads out of each other’s assholes and put some talent in front of QB1. Eli Manning is kicking back right now laughing at each game and wincing with each hit Jones takes because he’s been there all too often. 

The Giants are really hurting, pun intended, with there injuries piling up. Right now, they have key injuries and seven of them are on the offensive side of the ball although Darius Slayton did return on Sunday and was the Giants’ leading receiver of the afternoon with five receptions on nine targets totaling 63 yards. The only touchdown from the air came in the 3rd quarter when Daniel Jones hit Dante Pettis from the shotgun 5 yards out to make it a 12-3 Giants’ game. The likes of Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard, and John Ross are unknown to fans when they will return. The bigger question will be, ‘Can they be helpful to winning a few more games or are their larger forces at play with this team?’ 

Now, looking at the defensive side of the ball has really been a god dam head scratcher. They are 20th in Total Yards Allowed per game, they are 7th in total Points Allowed, 10th in PPG but on the flip side, they are 12th in total takeaways this season. I think the overall picture of this season is that it has been a total nightmare for Giants fans everywhere. I know for myself; I’d rather be watching curling reruns from the Olympics because that shit has kept me amped up.  

Week 8 brings an interesting matchup to watch. One of the only other teams who have been worse defensively than the Giants are the Kansas City Chiefs.  They are ranked 5th in Yds/G, 3rd in total yards per game, and they’ve given up the 3rd most points in the NFL. This Sunday night matchup will most likely end up in a shootout between Daniel Jones and Super Bowl winning QB1 Patrick Mahomes. Hopefully the New York Football Giants can carry their momentum from this weekend’s win into Kansas City and put up a third, much needed win.