Heartbreaking Loss for the New York Giants, Nothing New

If you asked most New York Giants fans before the start of the season if the Giants had a shot winning a game against the Chiefs, the answer would be a big “No [email protected]$%!ng Way!”  This is hardly the season the Chiefs or Giants had envisioned for their teams.  The Giants are fresh off just their second win, and the Chiefs are coming off a blowout loss.  

The way the Chiefs lost against the Titans last week, I would have thought the Giants would get their doors blown off in a bad loss. But, instead, they surprised me this week with a close game against the Chiefs, losing 20-17.  They were without Saquon Barkley, which was no surprise to me at all, and without Kenny Golladay, and they managed to keep this game close.

Never mind that Jones was 0-6 in prime-time going into this game, and the Giants had lost eight straight prime-time games.  Outside Jones’ first pass that was a bad interception, he played well.  Jones finished with 222 passing yards, 2 TD’s, and an INT.  Devante Booker had over 120 yards of total offense (60 yards rushing and 65 receiving) and helped a depleted receiving core.  

The Giants lost Sterling Shepard and Dante Pettis to injuries early.  The Giants stayed in the game primarily due to a defense that played exceptionally well.  Patrick Mahomes was not getting many open looks downfield, and he completed 13 of his 28 passes behind the line of scrimmage.  The defense forced two turnovers, including a late fumble by Travis Kelce.  

Patrick Mahomes did what he usually does and drove the Chiefs down the field late, leading the Chiefs to what became a game-winning field goal with 1:12 left. But, on the following possession, the Giants’ biggest issue came back and bit them AGAIN.  Their Swiss cheese, bottom of the barrel, practice squad level, pass protection allowed sacks on 2nd and 4th downs to ruin any chance they had to tie or win this game.

This was the third loss for the Giants when they had the ball with less than 5 mins left in the game and could not seal a victory with a game-draining drive. This happened against Washington and Atlanta. Both games ended with a field goal to end the game. Very similar to what happened here. Penalties in the 4th quarter and missed chances by the offense pretty much did the Giants in on this game. Plenty of blame to go around this week, sports fans!


Oshane Ximenes was flagged for offsides and negated an interception by Darnay Holmes.  That interception would have had the Giants in field goal range at the Chiefs 34 with 4:29.  Instead, the Chiefs stormed down the field and kicked a field goal of their own to take a 20-17 lead.

Darius Slayton had some very catchable passes that he should have caught.  The Giants had a critical 3rd down, Slayton missed a wide-open pass that would have been a big play.  He gave up on it early because of defensive holding and would expect him to make a better play for the ball.  Only two plays later, a pass went off Slayton’s hands incomplete, and the drive stalled.

The Giants offense continued to do well in run blocking, but you might as well have yellow caution tape to stop opposing linemen when it came to pass blocking.  I have seen enough of Nate Solder, Billy Price, and Matt Skura.  These linemen couldn’t stop a raindrop with an open umbrella.  Anything must be better than this offensive line.  


Patrick Graham’s game plan worked pretty well.   Considering the defense held, the Chiefs only scored 20 points, but Patrick Mahomes was often able to scramble around and find an open man when the Giants rushed three linemen.  I think fans have seen that coverage play fail enough this season, considering the defensive formation the Chiefs scored their first touchdown against. 

Jason Garrett called a decent game.  The Giants were able to run pretty effectively against the Chiefs defense.  He did mix in some trick plays, but Evan Engram did not get involved until late into the 4th quarter.  I would like to have seen Kadrius Toney featured more, as he is the most dynamic player the Giants have on offense at the moment.

Looking Ahead

The Giants host the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, and they may get Saquon Barkley back. However, Kadrius Toney may have hurt his thumb, so we will see if it sidelines him again.  Not sure about Golladay’s return yet, but my guess is after the bye for him.  

Raiders 24 – Giants 13