I can’t recall watching a worse regular-season loss in the 30 plus years I have been a New York Giants fan.  Frustrated fans rained the field with boos, and they had every reason to do so— contrary to what Leonard Williams thought  when he was quoted saying, “I don’t want to be hearing boos from my own fans.”  Well, Mr. Williams, when people pay good money to see their team play at home, they don’t expect them to be 0-3 and be outscored 82-38.  Yeah!  Outscored by almost 50 points in your own stadium!

The LA Rams completely embarrassed the Giants this past Sunday.  The score of 38-11 doesn’t really show how bad it was, especially on the day the Giants celebrated the 10th anniversary of their 2011 Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots.  The first quarter seemed almost promising, with the Giants leading the Rams with a 3-0 score, but the Rams roared back by scoring 28 points in just the second quarter.  

What happened in the 2nd quarter?  The Giants’ most dynamic player on offense, Kadrius Toney, aggravated that foot/ankle injury from last week and never returned to the game.  Andrew Thomas, who has blossomed in his second year, played through a left injury only to hurt his right ankle!  You just can’t make this stuff up!    

The loss of Thomas and Toney led to the Giants giving up three turnovers in the second quarter.  Jones was strip-sacked and then tossed two interceptions.  The turnovers allowed the Rams to score two touchdowns.  The Rams had drives that started at the Giants 41, 12, and 14-yard lines.  With the Giants defense playing the way it had to start this season, it’s no wonder this game was 28-3 by half-time.  

Then there were the curious decisions made after Thomas went down with his foot injury.  They put Matt Peart in at left tackle and Nate Solder at right tackle— boy; this backfired on the coaching staff in a big way!   The offensive line allowed 16 pressures and four sacks on passing downs. 

It’s hard to single out who to blame for this hugely lopsided loss. First, with the combination of injuries the Giants had going into the game and the players on offense dropping like flies, it’s hard to blame Jason Garrett.  The way they shuffled the offensive line and starting Jones when he only had a single full practice during the week are all decisions that undoubtedly can be second-guessed.  However, Patrick Graham’s unit has continued to regress.  The defense was on the field in negative territory almost the entire 2nd quarter, allowing touchdowns on every red zone possession the Rams had. That will not win you games.

They are 31st in the NFL in defensive pressure through 6 games with 40.  Even when they send players on the blitz, which happens on almost 30% of plays, they are not getting enough pressure upfront.  Another crazy stat is the Giants defense is allowing opponents to score on over 48% of their drives!  For a franchise that prides itself on good stout defense, this is a disgrace.  It’s time for some change, and fans agree.  

From the front office with Gentlemen to coordinators like Garrett and Graham, this team has played like hot garbage.  The Giants do not like making coaching changes mid-season, but something needs to change.  There is way too much talent on offense and defense for this team to play this poorly.   

The Giants have become a punching bag at home.  In the last five seasons, the Giants are 9-26 at home.  Players, coaches, and owners want to know why people are booing?  That’s why!  9 wins in 5 seasons at home!  Fans are sick of it, and it’s time for Mara and Tisch to wise up and right this ship.

Week 7 Preview

Sunday, the Giants are home against the Carolina Panthers and a revived Sam Darnold.  The Giants may dodge a bullet in the Panthers not having Christian McCaffrey available, but there is not much hope for the offense getting better with 3 of 5 offensive linemen out for the game.  

Players to watch 

Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton may be the only starting wideouts to start the game.  It is looking like Toney and Golladay will miss time this week. Devontae Booker has looked good running the ball so far.  He might have gone over 100 yards this past week if the score wasn’t so out of hand.


With six offensive starters out, the Giants’ lack of depth shows this roster is not constructed well enough to compete. In addition, the defense continues to fall short of expectations.

Panthers 24 Giants 13