NFL Quick Hits – Takeaways from Week 1

Bucs (1-0) def Cowboys(0-1)

Everyone on the Bucs are back, secondary is the only weakness and that being said, that position group is still decent. Cowboys defense is still a work in progress, O-line is not firing on all cylinders yet, but Dak is back baby! Both fan bases should be optimistic.

Panthers (1-0) def Jets (0-1)

It would appear Darnold was right. New team new me. Panthers looked pretty decent on both sides of the ball, even with a suspect O-line. Jets suffered more injuries, most detrimental being Becton out for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Jets are the youngest team in the league and lead the week in rookie snaps played. Wilson was surgically picking apart the panthers defense when he was protected. The Jets showed glimpses of winning football in the 2nd half. O-line needs to gel. Panthers may outperform expectations this year, Jets fans must stay patient but can be optimistic long term.

Eagles (1-0) def Falcons (0-1)

Eagles went into Atlanta as an underdog and came away with a dominant performance. O-line was definitely the strength of the team, and Hurts was proficient. Falcons defense is in for a long season, O-line needs to develop more chemistry. Pitts is the real deal. Eagles may outperform expectations this year. It will be tough for the Falcons to significantly improve upon last year’s campaign.

Steelers (1-0) def Bills (0-1)

Steelers traveled to Buffalo as an underdog and came away with a 7 point victory. The bills have high expectations for this year and started the game up 10-0. The Steelers then scored 20 unanswered. Despite a suspect O-line with a brand new offense, as usual history is repeating itself and Tomlin has his guys ready to go, and will finish above 500 as per usual. Bills are still primed for a decent season, but don’t expect them to ascend from last year with a suspect O-line and run game.

Bengals (1-0) def Vikings (0-1) OT

Very close game, arguably, the favorite lost due to an untimely turnover by Cook. Cousins looked like the decent Cousins. Vikes O-line was not very good. Vikes defense was very mediocre. Bengals looked better than people expected. Burrow was proficient and looks back to his prime form. O-line outperformed expectations. Bengals defense held their own against some very potent weapons. Both fan bases should still be optimistic. Worry about the Vikings O-line.

49ers (1-0) def Lions (0-1)

9ers led 38-10 early in the 4th, as was expected with them being the favorite and the lions being potentially the worst team in the league. 9ers seemed to have found rhythm and are once again a competitor. The lions are still stinky, but they showed a lot of grit. I don’t know if they’ll be able to stop anyone, but their offense will provide more production than anticipated.

Cardinals (1-0) def Titans (0-1)

Cards traveled to Tennessee and their offense was as advertised. They impressed up front on defense as well, as JJ Watt and especially Chandler Jones were disruptive all game long to say the least. Titans O-line looked bad in both run blocking and pass protection. Titans stunk on defense last year and didn’t look any better on Sunday. Fun time to be an Arizona fan. Titans fans should be slightly concerned.

Seahawks (1-0) def Colts (0-1)

Seattle’s new offense looked awesome, revamped O-line, new system with new OC Waldron. Russell looking like the future hall of famer he is. Colts struggled to run block as well as move the chains on 3rd and 4th down. Wentz looked decent, if you’re a Colts fan don’t push the panic button, they’ll improve game to game and be in contention to win the division. Seattle fans should be confident to be in playoff contention.

Chargers (1-0) def WFT (0-1)

Chargers win on the road in a sloppy game with lots of penalties and 3 turnovers. The game was close, Washington defended the run well, however, they could not stop Herbert on 3rd down as he was 14-19. Chargers dominated time of possession and Gibson had a costly turnover as Herbert was able to throw a touchdown pass which would give them the lead to win the game. Herbert is the real deal, and their defense is just good enough to make the Chargers a competitor. Washington defense is as advertised and they will be fine with Heinicke at the helm. Both fan bases should remain optimistic.

Texans (1-0) def Jaguars (0-1)

Tyrod did a great job leading a not so great team as they defeated the visiting Jaguars on Sunday. They dominated time of possession, converted over 50%of their third downs, and won the turnover battle as well. Lawrence showed glimpses of his talent, but also showed evidence he is still a rookie, as he threw three interceptions. The Jags defense doesn’t look promising, but their offense can definitely produce. Jags fans need to be patient, as in, wait till next year to be competitive type of patient. Texans look like they will outplay expectations, but that isn’t saying much.

Chiefs (1-0) def Browns (0-1)

Browns came in to Arrowhead and immediately marched down the field, scored, and converted the 2 point conversion. They stood toe to toe with the defending AFC champions and if it wasn’t for a botched punt by the Browns and a somewhat lucky 75 yard “throw it up and pray” touchdown to hill, the Browns come away with the upset. These are two of the best teams in the NFL. Chiefs defense didn’t look great, but frankly they don’t need to be because they score almost every time they have the ball.

Dolphins (1-0) def Patriots (0-1)

The visiting Dolphins were able take down the Pats in a 1 point victory. Honestly the Patriots outplayed the Dolphins for the most part, but it was the fact that the Pats put the ball on the ground 4 times! They only lost 2 but Harris’ fumble at the Miami 11 yard line, basically cost them the game. Pats dominated 3rd down conversions on both sides of the ball, ran it well, and won time of possession. Howard made a great play forcing an untimely fumble, but consider the Dolphins lucky to steal a win on the road in New England. Tua didn’t look great, and Mac Jones looked more than capable of executing the Patriots offense. Pats fans should be feeling more positive compared to last year, despite winning, Dolphins fans should be slightly concerned if they expected to improve upon last year’s campaign.

Saints (1-0) def Packers (0-1)

This was a shock to everyone to say the least. Not so much a shock that the underdog Saints won with the packers having traveled to the south, but the fact that they won by 35 points. The Saints appeared to be better in virtually every facet of the game. The packers could only must 2.9 yards per carry on the ground and only converted on 1/10 third downs. The Saints also won the turnover battle as they had 0 to the Packers’ 3. Winston is off to a good start, with a great coach, great O-line, and proficient defense, the saints are definitely a threat. Don’t be surprised if Winston ends up in the MVP conversation. Packers have a HOF QB and a great roster, wait till you get Bakhtiari back. Packer fans can R.E.L.A.X.

Broncos (1-0) def Giants (0-1)

Broncos traveled to Metlife and took it to the New York Giants. The Giants struggled up front as they could not get anything in the run game going. The Giant defense looked decent, but as expected the O-line and Danny dimes were having a tough time. Bridgewater looked very good in his Bronco debut, as he displayed excellent command of the offense, and executed well on 3rd and 4th down. Look for the Broncos to improve upon last year, despite losing Jeudy. Giants defense will keep them in games but fans should be concerned about offense.

Rams (1-0) def Bears (0-1)

The Rams were clearly the superior team heading into week 1 and they put on a show as expected. Stafford showed great command of the offense, and they excelled in both the pass and the run. The Bears offense actually looked a little better than expected. The two things that really hampered them were, losing the turnover battle 2-0, and being 0 for 4 on 4th down. The Rams were able to come up with 3 sacks, but the Bears run game was surprisingly decent as they averaged 5.2 yards per carry and they won time of possession. The Rams are going to be a very strong contender, and the Bears might be a little bit better than expected.

Raiders (1-0) def Ravens (0-1)

Raiders made their home debut in the brand new Allegiant stadium, as they were able to take down the favored Ravens in overtime. It was an amazing first Monday Night Football game, as it was very competitive. Both teams played fairly well, however, the Ravens struggled on 3rd down only going 3/12. That being said, Ravens fans should still feel optimistic about the passing and rushing attack. Lamar put the ball on the ground twice, which ended up being a major factor. Carr played very well, and the Raiders defense, specifically their defensive ends, played lights out. Although the Raiders didn’t seem to make any moves in the offseason to improve their roster, don’t be surprised if they are able to turn some heads this year. Ravens still have a very good roster, good staff, will still be playing meaningful games at the end of the season.