State of the NFC West: Week 6
NFC West

Arizona Cardinals (6-0)

Good news, the Cardinals are undefeated and they handily beat a very tough Cleveland Browns team.  Kyler Murray has been elite with his elusiveness and 73.8% completion percentage.  The Cardinals are averaging over 32 points all holding opponents to 18.2 points per game.  The only type of bad news that’s involved here is for their opponent next week the Houston Texans.

Los Angeles Rams (5-1)

The Rams are continuing to show that they are indeed a Super Bowl contender.  They are coming off of their 2nd win in a row as they beat the Giants 38-11.  Stafford continued to look great as he threw for 4 touchdowns.  The only little bad news is that they got banged up a little bit, but no serious injuries to major impact players.  Good news is their schedule is advantageous to say the least, and their win streak should extend for a few weeks.  

San Francisco 49ers (2-3)

The good news for 49ers fans is that they don’t look terrible, and have been able to hold their own.  Several times they were a play here or there away from winning in each of their 3 losses.  They are not playing well on 3rd down, and they are struggling to win the turnover battle, but most of their issues seem to be fixable ones.  The bad news is they are on a 3 game losing streak.  They don’t exactly have an easy schedule over the next few weeks either, but they will look to get things on track as they had a bye week to prepare to host the Colts in prime time for week 7.  49ers fans don’t have to push the panic button yet but they should definitely have their finger on the trigger.

Seattle Seahawks (2-4)

The Seahawks are in last place with 4 losses after coming up short against the Steelers on Monday Night Football.  More bad news, Seattle seems to have an injury bug as not only Russel Wilson is hurt but several players are banged up.  This doesn’t bode well considering they are in a division with 2 of the best teams in the league.  The good news is that Geno Smith looked serviceable, and their next 2 games are at home.  It would have been a tough road to the playoffs with Russel Wilson, who will be out through at least week 9, and now it will be even tougher.  Defensive end Darrell Taylor was carted off and taken to the hospital but initial reports indicate that there are no major concerns and he should be good to go.